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Intensive Spanish Courses in Barcelona

Our Intensive Spanish Course is undoubtedly the most popular program that don Quijote has to offer. They have been diligently devised to make sure that substantial improvement is made in the student’s overall Spanish capability. Because of the emphasis we place on the flexibility of our courses, there are different programs conceived to suit the exact needs of the student. The carefully structured lessons are all conducted by native Spanish teachers of the highest quality to ensure the best possible platform for language acquisition.

For those with the ambition of advancing all four areas of their Spanish language capacity, namely, listening, speaking, writing and reading, the intensive program is the perfect option. Spanish conversation classes are available for students who already have an adept knowledge of grammar, but want to speak the language more fluently. We also provide programs that run take place during the Christmas period, classes for over -50 year olds and those wanting to study part-time.


20 lessons per week + 5 Cultural classes
Maximum 8 students
All Levels
Minimum 17 years old


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