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Spanish School in Barcelona

The don Quijote school in Barcelona is situated in the heart of the central, vibrant L’Eixample neighborhood that is only 10 minutes walk from both the Plaza de Catalunya and Plaza de Espana. The schools has both a premium location in one of Spain’s most impressive cities, as well as extremely high quality facilities making it the perfect place for a language learning experience.

don Quijote in an educational leader in Spanish study abroad programs

Why choose dQ Barcelona

Emergency phone line available 24/7 Cultural orientation of new surroundings Professional guidance mentor Present throughout daytime hours One of Europe’s finest cities. Experience an authentic Spanish lifestyle.

Live the Spanish experience

Every dQ student has access to a wealth of library resources that include study guides, DVDs, CDs and reference books. Rapid Internet connectivity as well as computer labs are available in the Barcelona Language School.

Official Credits and Certificate

Oral and written tests are conducted on the first day of school to ensure that the student is placed in the appropriate class level that matches their ability. A certificate of completion is awarded at the end of the course.

27 years of teaching experience

don Quijote has over 27 years of Spanish teaching experience by certified instructors that is now offered across two continents, in 11 distinguished countries in 35 language schools.


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Barcelona Spanish School



The Spanish school in Barcelona is a spacious, modern edifice that boasts 55 separate classrooms spread generously over 2600 square meters and 3 floors. There are also sizeable common areas, both inside and out, including a private guardian and an indoor patio. The language center is directly accessible from 8 separate public bus routes and the metro station is just 5 minutes away. It is easy to explore the amazing city of Barcelona and travel to the dQ language school.

Barcelona is a city brimming with culture, activity and history. There are a multitude of activities and things to do that cater for almost any personal taste. Whether it is viewing the fascinating architecture, such as Gaudi’s world famous “La Sagrada Familia”, exploring the number of interesting museums, shopping, or relaxing on the beach, the Catalan capital city has no end of options for people wanting to take full advantage of their time spent there.

The modern language school with such high quality teaching and facilities, combined with the endless possibilities outside of the classroom, make dQ Barcelona a perfect choice to study Spanish abroad.

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don Quijote offers more than 25 distinct courses with great flexibility concerning start dates. Study for as short a period as one week or stay as long as you want. Regardless of your specific goals or age, we have the best program for you, and if we don’t, we can devise one for you.

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Our Spanish Teachers

At don Quijote we understand that your time spent abroad is not only about classes, and school, but more importantly about the community you will interact with and meet on a daily basis. From your very first day, you will be directly in contact with our Barcelona teaching faculty, who will not only give you a friendly welcome, but also offer you years of teaching experience and advice throughout your time spent abroad.

Teacher Demetrio Sánchez


Demetrio Sánchez

School Director - dQ Barcelona

I have been working as the School Director at the don Quijote school Barcelona for 22 years. During this time I have tried to ensure, along with my team of teachers, that all the students who have visited our school have fulfilled their expectations and achieved their objectives. We believe in work being done well and to a high standard, and we think that the student is the focal point of our profession and strive to help them learn our language and culture.
Teacher José Luis Melón Martínez


José Luis Melón Martínez

Teacher at dQ Barcelona

After almost twenty years working as a teacher at dons Quijote Barcelona, what stands out is having been in contact with so many people of different ages, countries and cultures. For the majority of this period, I led the cultural tours and excursions where I showed them the best of our history, art and culture. All of this has been a positive and mutally enriching experience and has given me a broader and more realistic view of the world that’s around us.
Teacher Marcos Glez


Marcos Glez

Teacher at dQ Barcelona

The best thing about don Quijote is the students. After many years working as a teacher at the school, I have had the good fortune of meeting many people from all over the world and every one of them had something special. In every group, in addition to teaching and learning Spanish, we share personal experiences, different perspectives, different cultures and all kinds of stories that make every class into an unforgettable experience that I would recommend to everyone.
Teacher Ana T. Herrero


Ana T. Herrero

Teacher at dQ Barcelona

My name is Ana T Herrero, and I have been working at don Quijote Barcelona for 16 years. Nothing is more rewarding than the multiple acknowledgements that we have received and that we receive from our students, I can say this with confidence as I have seen many of them return to the school after their first experience. Getting students to fulfill their expectations is the ultimate goal I have always had as a teacher.


Our Students

The don Quijote student community comprises of people from all over the world who spend a very significant part of their lives with us. This section of our website is devoted to saying thanks to them and allowing you to read about their personal experiences.

  • Student Barcelona

    Margarita Kudelina

    Barcelona 3 Weeks
    Studying at the don Quijote language school in Barcelona was one of the highlights of my life. The school staff are incredibly friendly and professional and feel like your best friends. I learned more in one week at don Quijote’s school than I learned in a month at my University
    Student Barcelona

    Camila Vallejos Castro

    Barcelona 6 Weeks
    Barcelona is a city that has always interested me and I think this trip was the best decision of my life!. My teachers are great examples of good teachers, they really encourage you to learn the language and dedicate themselves a lot to each class. I also was lucky with my apartment roommates, a group of really nice girls. With them, each day has just gotten better! In general, if anyone is unsure about taking a trip like this, just do it and you won’t be disappointed.
  • Student Barcelona

    Vera Gojkovicb

    Barcelona 5 weeks
    I loved the don Quijote school! Having two different high quality Spanish teachers, combined with regular practice of the language, greatly improved all aspects of my Spanish language ability. If you want to have an amazing time and learn a lot, I would thoroughly recommend don Quijote!



Accommodation in Barcelona

Staying in comfortable accommodation is of vital importance during your stay. To this end, don Quijote strives to ensure the quality of all of our residences, host families and student apartments. We acknowledge than any problems with your accommodation, no matter how small, can ruin an otherwise perfect day, and divert attention from your principal purpose: to learn Spanish.

We are here to make sure you feel secure, comfortable and at home.

Accommodation in Barcelona
Accommodation in Barcelona
Accommodation in Barcelona


  • Home Stay

    Residing with a host family in Barcelona will provide a truly authentic experience of life in Spanish family. We carefully select our families, and the majority of them have worked with don Quijote since its foundation. They are fully aware of the importance of being good hosts, and making our students feel comfortable, and at home from the very beginning of their stay.

    Students will receive keys to the residence thus giving them the freedom and flexibility of coming and going as they please.

    There are different meal regimes to chose from during your time spent with a host family: full board (three meals a day) half board (breakfast + lunch or dinner) or breakfast only.

  • Shared Student Apartment

    Student apartments are simple but fully furnished and well equipped with all the required amenities, such as linens, an ironing board, washing machine and cooking utensils etc. Bedrooms are typically furnished with a bed, lamp, desk, nightstand, wardrobe and a chair while there is a television for communal use located in the living room.

    Student apartments house up to six students from a range of different cultures and nationalities. Students are jointly responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the living room, kitchen and other common areas. Students are in charge of buying and preparing their own food.

  • Student Residences

    Student Residences are positioned in premier geographical locations in Barcelona and have a tangible international and youthful feel. There are varying types of student residences contingent on availability and preferences.

    A university residence is typically large in size and offers a student the opportunity of living amongst a community comprising of people from all around the world, including Spaniards who are studying in the same city. These residences also offer great flexibility with students having the choice of full or half board meal options and whether they stay in triple, shared or individual bedrooms. The facilities are excellent and include a laundry room as well as comfortable communal areas.

  • Private Apartment

    don Quijote acknowledge that some of our clients might want to experience the highest possible level of comfort and privacy during their period studying abroad in Spain. To this end, we provide the option of renting a whole apartment throughout your stay.

    The private apartments range in size and occupy well-positioned areas of the city. Clients can choose between the standard or premium option.

    The standard option is a basic student apartment that is private which a student can fully rent out. The premium option is an apartment with amenities and furnishings of a very high standard. The premium private apartments also come with a weekly cleaning service as well as WiFi/Internet access.

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