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Spanish Courses in Barcelona

The don Quijote school in Barcelona provides a variety of different Spanish courses that cater for students of any age or ability. The intensive courses are the most popular programs and they have been devised to accelerate and improve the acquisition of all aspects of the Spanish language, from oral to grammar skills. The specialized Spanish programs are ideal for small groups or individuals who want to pay attention to a particular language issue, for example, preparation for the DELE exam, taking private classes or an improvement in their overall business capabilities. For those who want a more relaxed learning environment while learning new skills and having fun, the cooking course in Barcelona could be the perfect option. Younger students have the exciting opportunity of learning Spanish in an international summer camp in Barcelona where they have the chance to meet different people from around the world, improve their language ability and have great fun in a safe and secure environment.

Intensive Spanish Programs in Barcelona

Our Intensive Spanish Courses are the most popular programs that don Quijote offer. They have been meticulously designed to ensure that considerable improvement is made in your overall Spanish ability. There are distinctive courses devised to cater for the exact needs of the client because of the emphasis we place upon flexibility. Classes are taught by high quality, native Spanish teachers and are designed to suit your particular level of Spanish.

The intensive classes are ideal for those who want to improve all four areas of their language ability, namely, reading, writing, speaking and listening. Spanish conversation classes have been devised to meet the requirements of students who already have a solid level of grammar, but want to converse in a more fluent manner. We also offer part-time courses, programs for over -50 year olds and even courses that take place throughout the Christmas period.

Intensive Spanish Programs


Specialized Spanish Programs

The Specialized Spanish Programs that we provide encompass a multitude of different courses that concentrate on certain aspects of Spanish language that you want to enhance. For example, programs that focus on the expansion of specific vocabulary; like medical or business Spanish, or private classes, that will give you the absolute attention of a native teacher.

Programs are also available for those students who want to pass the DELE or important university exams and content can be adapted and customized for small groups to offer the optimum platform for language learning. These courses have been designed to help develop any qualities that you would want to improve, and we are delighted to be able to provide such a variety of Specialized Spanish Programs.

Specialized Spanish Programs in Barcelona

Specialized Spanish Programs


Fun activities

Our Fun Programs have been designed for students to learn Spanish outside of the classroom. The stimulating activities on offer vary from school to school, but could include water based pursuits such as scuba diving at one of our coastal schools, or tango and cooking lessons.

Every activity is conducted in Spanish in order to facilitate the combination of having an amazing time, experiencing new things and improving and learning the language…not to mention the fact that these programs provide a great opportunity of making new friends from around the world!

Fun courses in Barcelona

Fun activities


Spanish for Kids and Teens

don Quijote is delighted to be able provide a multitude of study abroad possibilities for both children and teenagers throughout the year.

Our international summer language camps are the perfect choice for any children or teenagers who want to practice and improve their Spanish in a friendly and safe environment while at the same time making new friends and meeting people from around the world. There are camps for children as young as five years old up to the age of eighteen that offer 24 hour supervision. There are also summer camps created for older teenagers that offer more flexibility and independence. With a variety of different programs on offer, across seven destinations, there is something for everyone.

International Language Camp in Barcelona

Spanish for Kids and Teens



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